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Consistency matters in a job search

I have a client who has a lot going for him:  he is articulate, has charisma and good looks, and a solid financial foundation.  What he doesn’t have is consistency in his job search.

All he really needs to do is practice interviewing a bit more and be consistent with his networking skills.  Yet, he doesn’t keep up with it as much as he should.  Sometimes I hear excuses that he is too busy to dedicate the work necessary for his job search, doesn’t work in NYC so it’s hard to meet people, can’t think of people to network with, and so on and so on.

Now it is true that he is busy, but he’s told me how badly he wants a new job.  It’s true that he doesn’t work in NYC, but networking doesn’t have to be face to face.  LinkedIn is a great way to start to connect with people.  From there, one can always set up phone conversations to catch up.  And not being able to think of people is a weak excuse … we all know dozens and dozens of people.

Consistency is key and excuses can only continue to put up road blocks to his job search.   He has all the attributes necessary to succeed.  He just has to decide to move forward.  It’s that simple!


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