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Networking Effectively Means Focusing On The Relationship, Not You Individually

SixFigureStart hosted Scott Bradley of Networking Effectively last Tuesday, in a very interesting discussion on Networking at Career Fairs.  One of my favorite tips from Scott was to focus on getting to know the person at the career booth before and even instead of launching into a pitch or list of questions.  If you missed the call, a recording will be available for the next few days at:

Dial – (641) 715-3468
Enter Access Code – 151675#

As a former recruiter, I remember many candidates at career fairs or during interviews who were so fixated on getting their points in that they failed to develop any sort of relationship with me.  It is the difference between being talked at and talking with.  You want a conversation to flourish organically, and that means give and take, focusing on the relationship and not just on you.

Networking is not about make a sales pitch or finding a job.  It is about building a relationship from which sales or job leads may arise but may not.  The relationship is the end game.  Networking gets a bad rap b/c of the people who don’t do it well.  No one appreciates being sold.  But if you can take the focus of yourself, and focus on developing the relationship, then that is true networking, and people do respond to that.

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