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Do Not Stop Your Job Search, Even If Offer Seems Imminent

One of my clients should have wrapped up her search weeks ago.  But with budgets tightening, the job that she seemed poised to get may not be filled after all.  She had other companies in play but had slowed down the pace on these leads and now needs to rebuild.  Ideally, she should have kept these going simultaneously with her most promising search, but she didn’t.  I see this a lot with candidates, and in this market now more than ever, do NOT let this happen to you.  Continue with your other leads even as one or two or more of them seem likely to close.

In a job search, persistent and regular action is key to getting in front of the right opportunities at the right time.  In investing, you shouldn’t try to time the market because you may pull out on the handful of days when the market makes its big returns.  Similarly, in the job search, if you put yourself out there day in and day out, you are more likely to be front and center when that ideal job opens up.

If interviews are going well, don’t stop looking elsewhere.  The budget may disapper, another candidate may appear, the chemistry may be off with a key decision-maker that only gets involved at the end of the interview process.  Even if the offer does come through and you do accept it, the other interviews will serve as building blocks for your network.  Do not stop your job search, even if an offer seems imminent.


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2 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    Great advice!

    A similar approach can be said when someone decides to leave their job for another. I think that when doing this you should not let anyone know of the progress and don’t give in your two weeks notice unless you are absolutely sure that in two weeks you will be walking into another position. Nothing hurts more than losing a bill paying job due to a fall through of another. Getting a job these days is difficult and risky. The term “better safe than sorry” should be the mantra of all job seekers today.

  2. I totally agree. Thanks for noting that!

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