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Taking good care of yourself is the ultimate job search strategy

Last week, one of my clients seemed down.  I could hear the bad energy over the phone and sensed it in the subtext of her emails.  She admitted she was frustrated at the pace of her search.  She felt like she was pushing hard with no end in sight.  (Keep in mind that her search started less than two months ago, and she was getting great reception from her networking overtures.)  In her eyes, she didn’t have that new job yet, so the progress seemed hollow.

My answer was the opposite of what she expected.  She expected that I’d do the coach as cheerleader routine and get her to push even harder.  On the contrary, I told her to slow the search down.  Rather than working every day on it, cut back to 3-4 days a week.  Spend the other days on something fun, something that will rekindle her passion, something that will refresh and renew her energy.


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