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In a job search, saying no is the only way to say yes to something better

I have many motivated and intelligent clients.  Coaching often self-selects for people who are ambitious enough to not just want a new job but to want their next job to be the right job.

This often means an unnerving dose of waiting and saying no.  If you want the job of your dreams, then you need to define your dream criteria and stick to them.  Not every opportunity will be a good match.  You have to know yourself well enough and then have the courage to stick to what is meaningful to you.

I don’t encourage inaction.  I don’t think waiting equals doing nothing and expecting that dream job to fall in your lap.  I also don’t recommend that you say no to a good job that meets many of your criteria because you want the perfect job that meets all.

However, I do encourage that you work towards your ideals and not get distracted by every opportunity that may come your way.  A current client is very gregarious and naturally attracts opportunities.  She wants a big company environment but started pursuing some of the smaller companies that expressed interest in her.  In this tight market, it’s good to cast a wider net than you might in a flush economy, but I still advised this client to be more selective.  Pursue the smaller companies in addition to, but not instead of, the first choice companies. 

Don’t let ad hoc opportunities distract you from your goal.  It is up to you to stay on track.  If this means you can’t pursue everything, then you have to say no.  Sometimes, saying no is the only way to say yes to something better.


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