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Creative careers are possible…but not necessary

It is possible to make a good living and pursue your creative and artistic passions.  It’s possible to do this at any age and stage of your career.  Check out my Wetfeet post on this very subject. 

But I feel very strongly that while making art and making money are not mutually exclusive, they are also not co-dependent.  You do not need to be paid for your art to be serious about it.  You can act in community theater and still be a good actor, but just not one that makes a living from acting.  You can design great websites and get paid for such, or you may decide that what sells commercially isn’t what you want to do, so you design websites by day and devote time after work to design what your heart really calls for.

The decision of how to be creative and how to make money are two separate decisions.  Yes, for some people, it ends up being the same thing (although there are many working actors who confess to doing the independent but artistic money loser and alternating that with the money-making but less creative blockbuster).  For many people, the payoff from being creative is going to be separate from how they pay their bills.  Instead of stressing over what money (or lack thereof) means for your creative commitment, use that energy to make more designs, get more roles. sing more songs.  Then make money however you do it best and however the market will actually bear.  Creative careers are possible but not necessary.  You can be creative regardless of what your career title actually is.


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