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Networking Effectively with Networking Effectively’s Scott Bradley

One of my earlier posts was about a business networking event that turned out to have great personal benefits — running advice, restaurant recommendation, a deeper friendship.  Here’s another networking success story about networking effectively with someone who has turned Networking Effectively into his business.

I attended a fun meet-up for Brazen Careerist in NY.  I didn’t know what to expect but my coaching demo overlaps with Brazen, so I figured it would be demo research, a fun night out, a chance to put a face to some previous email exchanges, etc.  In addition to all that, however, I met some great entrepreneurs, including Scott Bradley of Networking Effectively.  Scott offers insightful, colorful, Gen Y to Gen Y advice on networking.

Check out my guest blog on the site.  I am already looking forward to his guest post on SixFigureStart’s blog and on his guest spot on SixFigureStart’s next teleclass (Oct. 7, 7p EST for those who want to mark your calendars now).

I’m not the most gregarious person so these networking mixers are hard and sometimes I dread them.  But you really do miss out on fun encounters when you don’t put yourself out there.  Here’s to more effective networking, or rather here’s to Networking Effectively.


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  1. Caroline,

    Love the post! Thanks!
    I look forward to the teleclass!

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