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When A Job Search Is Stuck, Sometimes Can’t Really Means Won’t

In the last week, I’ve been hearing a lot of variations on my-job-search-is-stuck.  There is the classic “How Do I Find The Time?”  Then, there’s the “How Do I Decide On A Direction?”  Another popular one is “Where Do I Start?”  The underlying theme here is that the job-seeker is desperately trying but still somehow stuck.  Much like a victim trapped in quicksand, you pull and thrash at your job search and yet you’re stuck in the mud.

When you find you’re stuck, ask yourself if you really want to do a job search at this time.  Ok, if you’ve been laid off, you may have no choice but to look, but that still doesn’t mean you want to look and this contributes to you feeling stuck.  If you don’t want to search and you don’t have to out of necessity, drop it.  Take up something else and come back to it in a few months when the reasons why you are looking are clearer and more urgent.

No, you say?  You are adamant that you want a new job?  You just need that push?  That inspiration to get started?  That key to the kingdom that sets you down exactly the right path?  Unfortunately, there is no one magic pill.  The push, inspiration, key insight is different for each jobseeker.  I spend a lot of my coaching probing and listening to find just that key.  Then I turn it again and again, every time my client is doubting himself or herself, which is often because a job search can be very distracting.

A job search is distracting.  It’s new.  It’s change.  It takes time and energy and requires that you put yourself out there to possibly be rejected and ignored.  No wonder people dread it and get stuck in their dread.  But there’s nothing physical that you’re stuck to.  You always have the power to move on.  When you say you can’t, it’s really because you won’t.  You won’t find the time.  You won’t make a decision.  You won’t get started.  A job search is stuck not because you can’t do what it takes, but because you won’t do what it takes (whether that means doing it solo or geting help when you need it).  A new job, a new career, a new life is doable.  Can you do it?  Of course, you can…The question is, “Will you?”


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