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Dream Career Is Possible Wherever You Start

I was very inspired by Andrea Coombes’ article on the success low-income people were having with savings via San Francisco’s Earn program (the program teaches the basics of budgeting, but also provides a 2:1 savings match incentive).  The article mentions three keys to why these people, with an average income of $18,000, can still manage to save 5% of their income:  tenacity; belief that success is possible; a specific dream for the money saved.

These are the same things that someone needs in pursuit of their dream career.  You need tenacity to secure the best job for you, to promote yourself, to build a network, to gain credibility as a doer, to perservere on your path in difficult times.  You need to believe that you can attain this dream career.  You need to know that you deserve this.  Finally, you need to know why this dream career is for you.  This is when you separate out the shoulds (I should be _______ to please my parents; I should be ______ because that’s what people with my background do).  This is when you focus on your passions. 

I often require my career coaching clients to save money while they are working with me.  I find that it builds discipline and that the savings instill confidence and a security that enables bigger thinking.  In this way, attaining the financial goal is exercising the same muscles required to attain the career goal. 

Tenacity and discipline.  Belief and confidence.  A specific dream and big thinking.  Dream careers are not limited to people of specific background or skills or experience.  The key factors are available to anyone.  A dream career is possible wherever you start.


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