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5 Things Students Must Do When Returning to Campus

Labor Day brings the official close of the summer and students are now all back at school.  In this tough economy it will take more effort than ever to ensure employment either as a summer intern or as a full-time employee come next summer.  Here are the 5 best things you can do toward achieving that goal:

1. Visit Career Services and find out the following:  which companies are coming to campus and which companies are not coming to campus.  From those coming on campus, decide which are of most interest to you.  Prioritize the list but go to as many as you can because of the tough economy.  For the companies that don’t come to campus, start to target anyone you know that may work there.  You’ll have to network with them to get your foot in the door.

2. Schedule all the recruiting events and deadlines in your calendar now, so you won’t forget.  This includes:  a) company presentations, b) other marketing events, c) resume drop dates, d) career services overview of things you should do (like interview workshops, resume writing workshops, etc.).  You must be organized and capitalize on any event that has the potential to lead to a job.

3.  Network, network, network:  with your peers, your professors and your parents to find out what companies are hiring interns/full-time analysts.  Your goal is to get your foot in the door using that contact.  You’d be surprised about who knows who in this very small world.

4. Finalize your resume including what you did this summer:  you can attend a resume writing workshop, buy a resume writing guide, research how to write your resume on-line or work with a coach to perfect your resume.  Either way, your resume has to be perfect so proof, proof, proof it and then have three friends proof it as well.

5.  Raise your GPA as much as possible:   your GPA is a key way to differentiate yourself on paper.  As a recruiter, I would scan a resume in about 10 seconds and I always looked for a high GPA.  So make a pledge to yourself to do as well as possible in your classes. 

September can be overwhelming to students but not if you take it one day at a time.  Get organized and prioritize and it will be a much easier process!


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