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Get A Fair Shake In Your Career, Even If The Workplace Isn’t Fair

Bravo to Hannah Seligson for recognizing that while the workplace may not be fair, there are still things you can do to take control and manage your career for the better.  In her Aug 30 NY Times article, Seligson mentions asking for what you want, cultivating mentors, and risk-taking as some ways that women (the focus of her article though her tips could apply to anyone) can better their chances.  Yes, there is sexism out there (and racism and ageism and bad behavior in general) but let’s keep the focus on what we can control.

Even though I am a recruiter and love that field, as a career coach I tell my jobseeking clients not to focus on recruiters.  It’s about not ceding control of your search to a third party.  You want to put your message out there.  You want to find the jobs (or create the opportunities) that work for you.  You do not want to just react to what is available — i.e., what is posted or what a recruiter recommends for you.  Take responsibility for your search away from the recruiter and onto yourself.

When we stop blaming discrimination, unfairness, incompetence, and other workplace inequities (all of which exist), we can take back control of our career.  Empowering advice is always more helpful than words of caution or tales of woe.


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