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The Coach Doesn’t Play

Tiffany Joiner, an upcoming HR professional and blogger, was kind enough to blog about her experience coaching with me.  We had met via the Brazen Careerist, a robust online community for the 20-something set.  I loved reading about what she absorbed from our session together, and as she mentioned so many things, she clearly took to heart a lot.  She’s focused and excited and on a clear path, and while I appreciated the way she credited me…it’s all your work and to your credit, Tiffany! 

I give tools and encouragement.  I give shortcuts and save a lot of time reinventing the wheel.  I may even circumvent a dead-end.  Certainly, there are synergies with two minds, two sets of eyes, and two perspectives going after a singular objective.  But at the end of the day, after we plan, my clients execute the plan.  My clients refine their goals, revise their marketing, get out there and network, take chances, seal the deal.  The potential for success is in the client all along.  My only role is to draw it out.

A coach may identify a player’s best pitch.  A coach may advise how to mix pitches or what pitch to throw when.  But dreams and goals are my client’s game days, and they own these entirely.  The coach doesn’t play.  I’m looking forward to my next session with Tiffany but then I’ll root from the sideline.

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