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Creating a job search foundation

I had a new sidewalk put in at my home yesterday and thought about how much time was spent on the foundation before actually pouring the concrete.  The workers jackhammered up the old concrete and put it in a truck, layed out boards to contain the new concrete, poured gravel on the bottom and leveled it until it was just right.  This took up about 3/4 of the day.  Then came the concrete truck and it was poured in about 1 hour.

That is exactly what job seekers need to do … spend more time laying a good foundation to support all aspects of the job search.  The job offer will come once all other aspects are taken care of.  The right job search foundation includes:

1.  Knowning exactly what you want to do:  because the best candidates out there are showcasing their lazer focus to employers.  If you are just a bit unclear, they will pass over you quicker than the cement pouring out of the truck in front of my house.

2. Having an exceptional resume:  because it represents you when you are not there.  The format should be clear and orderly with not one error.  The bullets should contain quantifiable accomplishments, and if they don’t, interviewers will pass you up because that is what is found in the best resumes.

3. Being comfortable when you interview:  this is critical.  How comfortable are you at describing your strengths and weaknesses?  Because one of the biggest pet peeves of interviewers is someone who can’t think of a single weakness.  Everyone has weaknesses.  CEOs have weakenesses.  You’ve got to show the maturity and confidence of being able to talk about this with ease and authenticity.

4. Networking with everyone you can.  Networking isn’t about asking for a job.  It’s about building relationships with people that benefit all parties.  It’s a skill and it becomes easier with tips we can share with you.

5. Getting advice and coaching throughout the process.  An Olympic athlete wouldn’t think of competing in their sport without the right coach.  A coach teaches good habits, points out bad habits, and fine-tunes your approach throughout the way.    My partner & I started SixFigureStart career coaching and we do just this with clients all day.  Since we’ve hired thousands of people in our careers, we know exactly what employers want and that is our value to our clients.

So start jackhammering away your old habits and get started on your new career.  You can built it and we can help!  …. sorry, that is Home Depot’s slogan.  SixFigureStart:  We know what employers want!


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