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Hidden joys of networking

I push my coaching clients to network b/c it is the best way to learn about industries, companies and jobs.  That said, there are other benefits of connecting with a wide range of people that, for me, are the best reason to network…

Yesterday, I had dinner with a member of my entrepreneurs’ group — John Condon, a sharp business banker at Chase (for those of you on the market for business banking services, I’m happy to do an e-intro).  Should we be talking about business and how we might work together?  Maybe…but the conversation was more fun and personal.  Turns out, he was a competitive long distance runner in college.  My husband Scott is a runner.  He gave me some great tips about running to pass along…

Then, our waiter Zane turns out also to be a runner.  More great tips for my husband.  Not only that, but Zane hails from Austin, TX and Scott and I are going to Austin next Feb.  I got some great local restaurant recommendations.

Get out there and talk to people.  You just never know what gems you’ll pick up.

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