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Be specific when you describe what you do

I have been getting an unusual amount of questions regarding resumes these days so even though I just posted about resumes recently, I feel obligated to talk about this again:  Be specific.

See my point in yesterday’s post about quantifiable results

See my columns on resumes at Wetfeet, particularly where I talk about Summary… http://www.wetfeet.com/Experienced-Hire/Resume—Cover-letter/Experts/Experience-Summary–Value-Added-.aspx

and about describing your experience http://www.wetfeet.com/Experienced-Hire/Resume—Cover-letter/Experts/A-Case-for-Experience.aspx

Don’t make the resume reader guess what you did.  Don’t use such flowery turns of phrase and long-winded descriptions that we’re no longer sure what, if anything, you accomplished.  What revenues did you generate?  What costs did you save?  What products did you develop?  What deliverables were delivered?  Just the facts, please, and make them quantifiable.


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