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Born Under a Lucky Star

What is the definition of luck?  Webster says it’s the chance happening of fortunate events.  I think it’s a lot more than that.  I think luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity.  So the key question is not how to be lucky.  The key question is how to prepare…

College students prepare by ensuring they behave ethically in all their dealings with their peers, their professors, and everyone else they come into contact with.  They prepare by doing their best in school, crafting an amazing resume, and knowing how to master an interview.   They obtain internships that clarify and identify what they want and don’t want to do with their lives once they graduate.  They network like crazy so they have 5 – 7 target companies with solid contacts at each.

Experienced hires do much of the same.  They have integrity in all of their dealings, they do exceptional work, and they have mentors that can help them direct their careers.   They network within their company, and within their industry, so they have solid contacts at the top firms.  They are so good that they are approached with opportunities, versus seeking them out on their own.

So my advice to you is prepare, prepare, prepare and if you do, you may just be one of the luckiest people around!

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